I didn’t just become a fan of Kimpton Hotels, I have been one since my first stay years ago. Kimpton has of course been purchased by IHG, and it still remains unclear what will happen to Kimpton’s loyalty program, Kimpton Karma. The optimist in me hopes that IHG will learn a little from Kimpton before the larger company starts messing with things. The realist in me wonders. (Feature image credit: Shutterstock)

I’ve never been one to wallow in hotel elite status. Frankly, my needs from hotels are pretty basic. I like having a bed, a bathroom, a TV, and wi-fi that works. Everything else is gravy. Beyond that, I love little things that show a hotel cares. Those can include a lot of things from the occasional upgrade to a personal note from the general manager to a plate of strawberries in the room.

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Logo image courtesy of Kimpton

In the past year I have “broken up” with a lot of traditional ideas about “loyalty.” One of the things I did was actively avoid “big box” hotels for something a bit more personalized and less cookie-cutter. Enter Kimpton. What Kimpton hotels lack in thousands of properties, they make up for in a spirit of customer service, caring, and style. I can’t flip a credit card or six and stay at a Kimpton hotel for a week for “free” and I’m OK with that. What I can depend on is the spirit of customer service, style, and caring I described, and that is what I truly value in hotels.

I don’t brag on Kimpton enough, so there. And I’ve got some free nights in the bank too.

-MJ, December 8, 2015