JetBlue are going to offer an entirely new service concept for passengers in coach – that’s economy class to you and me – on their transatlantic flights. Could this mean they ditch the cart to provide better on board service?

Today’s announcement reveals they will allow people to select their meals from their entertainment screen. There’s a sample menu right here. The concept is that you choose one main and two sides and get what you asked for delivered to you. But how?

Will They Ditch The Cart?

Another writer mentioned possible issues and wrote, “Having a single aisle aircraft complicates meal service; if someone needs to use the restroom the service cart often needs to be moved around.” They also made comments around the method of selection possibly slowing service. Quite true!

However, it is possible things will be done entirely differently. Before the advent of the Boeing 747, airlines mainly served meals directly from the galley. The meals were plated up and crew members delivered them individually by hand.

Since JetBlue will have just 114 passengers down the back, going back to this old school service may be the way forward, as the number of seats permit it. Will everyone be told “it’s meal time, please make your choice” or will they be told, “if you want a meal, please order it from your seatback screen anytime”?

If it’s the latter, people won’t all eat at once and there will be plenty of time for the flight attendants to take the meals out on demand. Since they’re all complimentary, you would assume most would want to eat, but not everyone needs to eat at once.

Overall Thoughts

JetBlue is really innovating here. What with complimentary meals, free drinks, unlimited free high speed WiFi, and the pantry, it appears to be a winner all round. Let’s hope the execution is just as good as the marketing guff.

You can see all the details about the new London onboard service here. It certainly looks exceptional and is a very exciting development all round. Now all we need to see is the price. Since a launch is obviously imminent, my credit card is waiting and ready for action!

What do you think JetBlue will do? Will they ditch the cart or will they do a traditional cart service? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Images via JetBlue.