We all hate it when hotel chains send out their annual lists of award category changes. Properties go up, properties go down. Generally, we end up being worse off than before (I’m looking at you, IHG and Marriott). For many other chains, the changes are pretty benign. We lost a few good Hyatt properties from the Category 4 list this year, which was a bummer.

However, there is one hotel that was simply too good to be true. And Hyatt decided to fix that sooner rather than wait until next year.

Hyatt’s Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest – Cat 2 to Cat 5

The Hyatt Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest has been a Category 2 Unbound Collection property. It is located in the heart of the Hungarian capital, and the value you get for 8,000 points is incredible. This is a hotel that routinely goes for over 250 EUR per night.

Hyatt has decided to move the hotel from Category 2 to Category 5. Sure, it was too good to be true before, but this might be overkill. A three-category jump seems like a bit much. I would have understood a move to Category 4 more than anything. This change takes it from insane value to meh.

I’m glad Hyatt did announce the change before implementing it. If you are interested in booking this hotel at its Category 2 price, you must do so before 10:00 am Central Time on July 30. All reservations locked in before then at either award, certificate or cash and points rates will be honored.

H/T: Will Run for Miles