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Last week, I wrote about how a JetBlue flight was evacuated. The incident occurred when someone air dropped a photo of a suicide vest to a flight attendant. While this story was a credible security threat and is being investigated, what happened on Lufthansa flight 1411 would only classify as bizarre.

In what could only be a scene straight out of a movie, the scenes on this Lufthansa flight were bizarre. As the saying goes, you never yell fire in a crowded theater. However, a man aboard this Lufthansa flight did exactly that. He cooked up a fake bomb threat in order to accomplish his motive.

Lufthansa Flight 1411

Lufthansa Flight 1411 was all set to take off from Belgrade for its flight to Frankfurt. 130 Passengers and 5 crew members were on board this flight on Thursday. However, the plane had to be rushed back to the gate after a phone call came in making a bomb threat to the plane. Authorities had to immediately remove the plane from the runway and send in a special police squad to search the entire plane. All passengers and crew members were safely evacuated.

Bomb Threat

As per this report by Reuters, the bomb threat was for an absolutely frivolous reason. It apparently had to do with a Serbian man who had fallen for a Lufthansa flight attendant.

The man told the court he had met two flight attendants and invited them for dinner but they refused. He especially liked one of them, and after he failed to locate her at her hotel, he made one last desperate attempt to keep her from leaving by phoning in a bomb threat.

Police were able to trace the call and eventually arrested the 65 year old man the very next day.


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