I realize the wheels of commerce, the internet, the travel industry, and my country do not depend on me expressing my feelings on this blog on a daily basis. That said, having been down for about 24 hours, I missed it. Actually, the blog wasn’t down, my ability to post was. Believe me, I’m under no illusions that our Nation will not go on without me, but 24 hours of non-blogging have taught me that I really do care……about you, and about this blog.

It’s good to be back, even if I am typing this from an airplane that is ground-stopped due to thunderstorms. Regardless, after my last post about Atlanta’s PreCheck, I thought it was only fair that I tell you that it took me exactly 2 minutes to clear PreCheck today. My flight is full, but Wednesday is Wednesday. TSA had all 3 lanes on the Delta side open today, and I sailed right through.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Next post – drinking the Kool Aid of my favorite airline.

-MJ, May 28, 2014