Four Seasons Vancouver Closing:

A couple weeks ago it was announced that the Four Seasons Vancouver will be closing in 2020. I was really bummed because the Four Seasons Vancouver is one of my favorite properties.

The property’s landlord is the Cadillac Fairview Corporation, and the Four Seasons manages the hotel under an agreement with them. Cadillac Fairview sued the Four Seasons citing that they have “equipped the hotel below the standard of a typical first-class luxury hotel”. Additionally, Cadillac Fairview noted that the guest rooms were furnished and equipped with “low quality products and furnishings”.

The hotel has rejected the allegations, stating that they have been praised by many. They were awarded with a five-star rating by Forbes magazine. Four Seasons issued a statement stating its lease won’t be renewed and that the hotel would stop operating in January of 2020.

Four Seasons Vancouver


My Experience:

When I stayed in 2016, I can firmly attest the furnishings and products were not of low quality, so I do find the grounds of the lawsuit to be frivolous. While the decor was a bit dated, it still did not detract much from the amazing five-star service. The beds were arguably the best hotel beds I have ever slept in, and everything was kept in tip-top shape.

I’m sad to see the Four Seasons Vancouver go, but I hope they find a new place to open up in Vancouver. The loss of the hotel will definitely affect the luxury hotel market in Vancouver.

Hopefully my travels bring me back to Vancouver and I get to sneak in a stay before it closes for good in 2020. 🙂


Have you stayed at the Four Seasons Vancouver? What did you think of it?


Happy travels,