I love Lufthansa; First Class in 10 Pictures

Lufthansa First Class Series:

Part 1: I’m in Love with Lufthansa

Part 2: Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Part 3: Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to New York

I just wrapped up a fantastic long weekend of trans-Atlantic flying.  I left St. Louis Thursday evening after school, arrived in London Friday morning, left for Frankfurt that evening, arrived in Frankfurt Friday night, and left for New York on Saturday morning.  I’m now on my way back to St. Louis.  I never anticipated that this trip would be as crazy as it turned out to be.  I finally flew coach on a flight longer than four and a half hours, I flew intra-Europe economy class, was one of the only guests at my hotel, received SSSS on my way to the US, and flew the legendary Lufthansa First Class.  Needless to say, I will always remember this weekend.

This weekend showed me just how mediocre most of the world’s first class products are.  It also introduced me to my new airline obsession, Lufthansa.  I’m in love with Lufthansa at the moment for a variety of reasons.  Sure, anyone would be in love with Lufthansa after flying in their long-haul first class cabin.  However, there’s more to it.

Before my first class flight on Lufthansa from Frankfurt to New York, I’d been in constant contact with Lufthansa’s Twitter team.  Whenever I asked a question or sent a tweet about my upcoming flight, the Lufthansa Twitter team would respond in minutes with information about my flight or a link to where I can find additional info.  At one time I had to call their service desk.  I wasn’t expecting the patient and friendly service I received from customer service agents on Twitter, over the phone, and in person.  There’s something about personalized service and passionate employees that could make the worst economy class product tolerable.  However, I wasn’t flying in the word economy class product in the world, I was flying Lufthansa First Class.

I’m pretty sure that Lufthansa has wrecked any future flights I might take.  I really don’t know how any airline can top the service that I received on Lufthansa.  I even enjoyed my intra-Europe flight in economy class.  You’ll see what makes Lufthansa’s service unique in the coming days when I publish a series of reviews about my Lufthansa First Class experience.  For now, here’re ten pictures from my first class experience.

Lufthansa First Class in 10 Pictures

Lufthansa First Class Terminal101MPP

Lufthansa First Class Terminal06MPP

Lufthansa First Class Terminal24MPP

Lufthansa First Class Terminal53MPP

Lufthansa First Class100MPP


Lufthansa First Class01MPP

Lufthansa First Class32MPP

Lufthansa First Class83MPP

Lufthansa First Class50MPP

Lufthansa First Class24MPP


There’s much more to come.  I plan on getting the Lufthansa First Class Terminal review out within the next 24 hours while I’d expect to get the Lufthansa First Class review out in the next 48 hours.