This deal is no longer available. Round-trip fares start in the low $3,000s. Let me know if you managed to score one of these fares.

Booked, Auckland to Oakland in Business Class for $907 Round-Trip!

It’s official. I managed to book a flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Oakland, California in Business Class for just $907. The deal originally popped up on Twitter and included round-trip tickets from Auckland to a variety of US destinations including Seattle and Sacramento. Itineraries include flights operated by both Delta and Virgin Australia. Here’s a look at my upcoming trip.

The Itinerary

While I would have loved a one-way flight, I had to book a round-trip ticket. I would have also enjoyed a flight originating out of the United States but none were available. That said, I’ll be commuting down to Auckland and two days later, fly back to the US via Sydney. Below is my itinerary.

  • Leg 1: Virgin Australia from Auckland (AKL) to Sydney (SYD) in Economy
  • Leg 2: Delta from Sydney (SYD) to Los Angeles (LAX) in Business
  • Leg 3: Delta from Los Angeles (LAX) to Oakland (OAK) in First

The return itinerary is nearly identical with the exception of the Sydney to Auckland leg being booked in business class.

What I’m Excited to Try

While Delta ONE aboard the Boeing 777-200LR is not the most exciting product, I’ve heard good things about Delta’s Sydney-Los Angeles service. Moreso, I get lounge access in Auckland, Sydney, and Los Angeles. This itinerary allows me to enjoy a variety of services offered to premium class passengers. I’m also looking forward to trying out Virgin Australia’s economy and business class short-haul products.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to change the Trans-Pacific leg to a flight operated by Virgin Australia which offers a somewhat nicer and more updated business class product.

(Image: Delta Air Lines)

(Image: Delta Air Lines)

What I’ll Be Earning

I wasn’t even thinking about it at the time but I’ll be earning an insane amount of Medallion Qualifying Miles. In total, Delta estimates that I’ll earn upwards of 29,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles. This ensures I’ll reach Silver status and gives me a chance at Gold. Again, that was not the purpose of this trip whatsoever. It’s just a fantastic added bonus.

How You Can Book This Ticket

If you want to give this trip a try, here’s the link to the Google Flights search engine. I cannot guarantee that the airline will honor this ticket. There’s availability that goes well into the spring of 2018.

Will you be booking this fare? What should I review, try in New Zealand?