World Sandwich Day 2017, set for November 3, means indulging in this global treat no matter where in the world you happen to be traveling.

If you’re in the United States on Friday, be sure to try the regional iteration of this go-to food favorite.

Visiting Buffalo or anywhere in Western New York? Try the local favorite: beef on weck. Translation: Roast beef on kimmeweck, the latter of which is a soft roll in the German style that is covered with salt and caraway seeds.

In Indiana? Order the breaded tenderloin sandwich that always means a lot of pounded pork loin on a very little bun. No worries. The bread is just a bonus.

And, if you’re in Florida, especially Miami, the cuban will be on the menu of many eateries. If you pick this tasty sandwich, expect to dine on Cuban-style bread, filled in with mustard, roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles, sliced thin. Some places will add salami to the mix, some will not.

Oh, and don’t forget Louisiana where you should be ready to down a po’boy. Order the more popular meat version, which means juicy roast beef served on a New Orleans-style baguette, or choose the fried seafood kind which is stuffed with shrimp, crawfish, oysters and crab.

But what if you’re out of the country? Never fear, sandwiches will be on the menu throughout the world.

For instance, when in France, be excited to order the jambon beurre. This sandwich may seem a bit mundane in that all you get is a crispy baguette filled with butter and ham–and sometimes cheese and even gherkins. However, once you’ve had your first fill, you will be back for more before you know it. Promise!

When in Japan, order this Asian country’s greatest sandwich: the katsu-sando. If you do, you’ll get a fried pork cutlet protected between two slices of white bread, dressed with barbecue sauce  and often accessorized by mustard and mayo, added to taste. Also know that there’s a vegan variety of this particular sandwich, so don’t shy away if you don’t eat meal.

And finally, when in India, sample the vava pav. This street food staple is vegan-friendly, made of battered potato put in a bun and topped with tasty chutney.

So, where will you be for World Sandwich Day 2017? No matter in which land you happen to be roaming, take time out to gabble up the local offering. That way you will be giving a proper salute to this common culinary treat that can be habit forming and that often gives a nod to the food culture of the particular region or country you are currently embracing.

Featured image of shrimp po’boy courtesy Wiki Commons, Jason Perlow