The Ilyushin IL-62 is a long-range narrowbody aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. It first flew on 3 January 1963 and entered service with Aeroflot on 15 September 1967.

With its four Soloviev D-30KU turbofan engines (originally Kuznetsov NK-8 turbofans) located at the rear, it resembled the gorgeous British built Vickers VC10. With 292 built between 1963 and 1995, the aircraft is considered quite successful.

Ilyushin IL-62 Video

Following on from the last video on the giant Handley Page H.P.42, this time we go back behind the iron curtain to check out the Ilyushin IL-62. This short video lasts for about three and a half minutes and gives a great overview of the aircraft.

There are shots of the IL-62 inflight, some in the cabin, and even some cool footage of it reversing down the runway! The importance of the new engines creating the IL-62M variant which first flew on 9 March 1974 is also pointed out. This eventually gave the aircraft a 10,000 kilometre range with a payload of 10,000 kilograms.

How About A Real Soviet Film?

Running for a shade over five minutes, this one is completely in Russian and mentions the foreign airlines who bought the Ilyushin IL-62, such as Poland’s LOT, East Germany’s Interflug and Romania’s TAROM. With its long range and seating for 168 to 186 passengers, it was the choice aircraft for intercontinental flights for Eastern European countries.

Lots of detailed views are shown, such as the spoilers, thrust reversers, cockpit and the cabin. The amount of space in those overhead bins would make today’s passengers freak out as there’s very little room there. With good music and even a payload range chart, the film is worth checking out.

Overall Thoughts

Back in the day, Czechoslovak Airlines, United Arab Airlines (now Egyptair) and more operated the Ilyushin IL-62. Today only North Korea’s Air Koryo still has the aircraft in service, so it’s unlikely you will get to fly on one.

There is an amazing video of an Interflug IL-62 landing on a grass strip in Germany too. That must have taken some courage and it is certainly worth checking out.

Considering the IL-62M was the main long range aircraft for Aeroflot, did you ever get to fly on one? What did you think of the videos? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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