Last month I wrote about What Is A Silver Alert and Why Are They So Important?, using the example of U.S. Border Patrol Agents coming upon a confused driver who turned out to be missing and showing signs of dementia.

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This week, Illinois joined other states in continuing the efforts to bring Silver Alerts to the similar stage as Amber Alerts have achieved with recognition and results.

The new Illinois law provides that the Illinois State Police, in cooperation with the Silver Search Task Force, develop as part of the Endangered Missing Person Advisory a coordinated statewide awareness program and toolkit to be used when a person 21 years of age or older who is believed to have Alzheimer’s disease, other related dementia, or other dementia-like cognitive impairment is reported missing, which shall be referred to as Silver Search.

silver alert

My own late mother, who died from dementia related illness, and father holding hands.

The new additions to the Illinois Endangered Missing Person Advisory law include:

  • Development and deployment of the Silver Search Awareness Program and toolkit.
  • Use of Department of Transportation signs, e.g. digital highway message boards, to broadcast silver alert information.
  • Training of law enforcement personnel on how to interact appropriately and effectively with individuals that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, other dementia, or other dementia-like cognitive impairment.
  • Development and implementation of a community outreach program to promote awareness of the Silver Search Program.

Read the entire new Endangered Missing Person Advisory law changes here.


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