I am frequently called a Delta apologist by nice people. Others call me worse. Of course, the majority of flights I have flown this year have been on airlines not named Delta, but I digress. I am not mad at Delta, its frequent flier program, or anything else. I made a decision to fly some other airlines in the past year for purely selfish reasons – I saved money at times, saved myself a bit of time every now and then, and it made for some material to share on the blog that hopefully served as useful information to other travelers.

However, here I am 8 months into the year facing a question – does someone who flies frequently for business and pleasure and lives in Atlanta really want to swear off Delta and SkyMiles? The answer is no. Depending on your travel needs, there are definitely options to Delta in Atlanta. Southwest is a decent airline, and one that I will continue to fly when it makes sense. But if you value your time, and live in Atlanta, you are likely going to fly Delta. While they aren’t always the “cheapest” at first glance, if you count the benefits of elite status and a schedule that works, they are, more often than not, the best option in my Georgia-based travel world. Could I status match to Alaska, and get the best of both worlds? Maybe, but I’m just not sure how long that option will last.

In the end, I use an airline for transportation between points on a map with a reasonable level of care, some dedication to operating a published schedule, and making things right when they go wrong. The rest, well that’s just gravy. I’ll make the best of it while I’m living here. And that really is…..no seriously……I mean it this time….my last word on the evolution of SkyMiles.

-MJ, August 13, 2015