….but I’m completely OK with it if you do! Of course, the driver behind this post is the recent news about the United Airlines flight diverting when a couple of jack wagon passengers managed to get themselves into an altercation by refusing to work together.

You won’t find me ordering a knee defender anytime soon. Here’s the deal, it’s your seat, so if you want to recline, be my guest. You’ll have no complaints from me unless you break my laptop. It’s possible for all of us to be comfortable, OK…semi-comfortable, even in coach.


If you must recline, simply do so responsibly. It’s always nice to turn around and say “hey, I’m gonna push my seat back a bit,” but certainly not necessary. When it’s time to recline, just e-a-s-e (don’t slam)  the seat back. That gives you your modicum of comfort, and it gives the fellow traveler behind you a bit of time to adjust things if they need to move something to accommodate your recline. I travel with an 11.1″ MacBook Air, and even that is not completely safe in coach. Just give me a second or three to move it out of your way if I need to. That’s all I ask! 🙂

And if you leave your seat, why not return it to its upright position while you are away? It’s not our fault these rows are so close together, but it’s the world we fly in together. Returning your seat upright gives the passenger behind you a break, and likely makes it easier for the folks behind you to get in/out of their seats in case they need to stand up and stretch their legs too. Working together, we can make coach survivable without knee defenders or fights. This concludes today’s public service announcement.

-MJ, August 26, 2014