As the Managing Director of Airline Apologencia here at Boardingarea, most people think I believe airlines are perfect and if we were better customers, things would be improved. That is, of course, wrong. I have a long list of things I think airlines could do better, and assuming I ever have fully functional internet here at world HQ again, I’ll share that list with you.

The background – I have been moderately satisfied with AT&T U-verse since relocating to Atlanta in September 2012. I went in knowing that it was just souped up DSL, but the thought of breaking away from “cable” along with some attractive pricing hooked me. Frankly, it’s been fine. U-verse isn’t exactly speedy, but it is fast enough. My biggest complaint is that they cap upload speeds at 2Mbps. Nonetheless, I’ve made do until about a month ago when my U-Verse gateway developed a habit of rebooting itself at inopportune times like in the middle of posting new content to the blog, online meetings with my day job when working from home, and others. After two tech visits, a new U-Verse router, new wall jack, and new some other thing that hides behind the TV, we’re down to doing the phantom reboot thing less than 5 times most days.

Enter Comcast – MJ World HQ is pre-wired for cable, and I know the previous owners used Comcast, the provider in my area. I decided to sign up for an internet only plan just to give it a try and see if Comcast (or Xfinity if you prefer) could make it’s promised speed of 75Mbps. I already own a compatible cable modem, necessary cables, etc, yet the website insists on sending a tech out….on August 11th. After two online chats, three failed phone calls because all circuits were busy, and conversations with two reps nowhere near Atlanta, I was finally able to speak to someone in Murica. Joy! This individual actually understood my problem and why it might make sense for me to just plug my modem into the wall and get to work. She tried, but in the end the answer was that I really am going to have to wait 2 weeks for a tech visit, which seems like a remarkably long time to me.

In the meantime, I’ll limp along with intermittent internet and marvel at how after just 8 hours of being in business with Comcast, they make every airline I deal with look comparatively awesome.

-MJ, July 28, 2015