A screen shot of the Uber service as seen on Hyatt's app. Courtesy of Hyatt Hotels.

A screen shot of the Uber service on the Hyatt Hotels app. Courtesy of Hyatt Hotels.

The same day that United Airlines became the first airline to partner with Uber, Hyatt announced similar news.

In a statement issued this morning, Hyatt said it has teamed up with Uber to – like United – add the Uber feature to its updated mobile app for iOS and Android. Why? It helps make the mobile experience seamless when you’re on the go, the statement said.

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“We are constantly evolving our online and offline experiences by listening to guests and understanding their needs. Our guests seek seamlessness on the go, and their feedback drove our approach to Hyatt’s new mobile offerings,” said Ellen Lee, Hyatt’s veep of e-commerce.

Uber operates in more than 100 cities where Hyatt has hotels.

If you use use Hyatt’s app, expect to see the Uber button under your current reservations beginning on the day of check in through the end of your stay. Your destination will already be there.

Will hotel staff still help you find an old-fashioned taxi? The press release says yes.

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