Waldorf Astoria Orlando

My family visited Orlando last month.  We rented an apartment for most of our stay except for the last day.  We decided to change it up with a final night stay at Waldorf Astoria Orlando.  While I’ve stayed at this hotel before, it is a first for a few in my party.  Since we were traveling in part to jointly celebrate both Mother and Father’s Day, we’d thought it’d be a memorable way to wrap up our vacation.

We booked two standard deluxe rooms using the Hilton anniversary night certificates.

Since I’m a Hilton Diamond member, I know I could be upgraded to an enhanced room, on a space available basis.  At Waldorf Astoria Orlando, this “tier” upgrade is simply a room with a better view.  While I have had very good experiences at this hotel, I also don’t typically expect upgrades beyond what was reserved.

Get a Roll-away Bed or Look for Guaranteed Paid Upgrade?

We needed an extra bed for one of the rooms. The choices was straightforward:  Either pay $50 for a roll-away bed (which may not even be possible in a 2 queen bed room), or look into the suite options.  I was hoping to get a upgrade offer email and it came.  The only suite upgrade option was the Deluxe Suite at $109.

Screenshot of email with hotel otpions

Upgrade options














I decided to wait until closer to check-in date to upgrade, as I need some flexibility if I need to change my travel plans.  Besides, we were checking-in on a slow day of the week (Monday).  I was in no rush.

A Second and Better Offer from the Hotel!

As we got closer to the arrival date, I got in contact with the hotel about possible early arrival.  The response also provided additional details about the hotel, including an option to upgrade via paid, guaranteed upgrade.   I was interested so I inquired.  As it turned out, I can upgrade to the same Deluxe 2-Queen suite (with Queen sofa bed in living room with no balcony) for an additional $80 plus tax, per night.

I also have the option to upgrade to the “Luxury Suite with balcony and Nature Preserve view” for an additional $140 plus tax, per night.

a screenshot of a graph

All the suite options at Waldorf Astoria Orlando (source: hotel website)












I decided to opt for a paid but guaranteed suite upgrade.  It made more sense than to get a roll-away bed, and it makes for a more comfortable stay too (945 square feet).   It also ended up working out incredibly well for us.  The room has a kitchen table space which we used.  We also got great views – we got a corner unit deluxe suite with the Disney views. Even though I had already seen the fireworks from parks, it never gets old…

While the stay didn’t end up being a true complimentary night, I think paying $80 out of pocket was still a steal.  After all,  the hotel typically charges for the deluxe suite somewhere in the range of $450-600 USD.   In my mind, I’m thinking, my $80 paid upgrade deal is a pretty “suite” deal.


Have you gotten a great hotel guaranteed room paid upgrade offer?  If so, what was your best deal?