I was flying to Savannah with a friend, and they had a companion certificate to use from their Delta SkyMiles Platinum Credit Card. That card gives a Main Cabin Companion Certificate each year, where a companion can fly for just taxes and fees. But, one of the major restrictions is that seats must be available in the lowest L, U, T, X, and V classes of service.

Original Booking:

The ideal flight we wanted on the outbound was available in the fare classes, but for the inbound flight, there wasn’t a well-timed nonstop flight on Delta available, only connecting options. So, we had to settle on a less desirable connecting flight on the way home.

In case any of the L, U, T, X, and V fare classes opened up, I used ExpertFlyer to set an alert for 2 tickets opening up in each of those fare classes on the nonstop flight we wanted.

A couple of weeks later, I got the very exciting email alert that 2+ tickets opened up in the “L” fare class.

Nonstop Flight on Delta

Yay! “L” fare class seats opened up!

After seeing this alert, we headed to the Delta App and clicked “Change Flight”. From there, we searched for our desired flight, and it was available to book. Yay!

But wait. Not only did the flight become available to book since the “L” fare class opened up, but the price was over $100 cheaper than our original booking. So, once we got to the payment screen, it said an eCredit would be issued. Score!

The Verdict:

Overall, it was nice that we were able to save over $100 and switch to a nonstop flight on Delta. Always check your flights to see if they drop in price if you are allowed to change your flights as it can often save you money. Also, it seems that another way to check is to see if the lowest-fare classes are available. If they aren’t, you can set an alert on a site like ExpertFlyer, then if the lower fare class opens up, the odds are that the cash price is cheaper as well.


Have you saved money and moved to a better flight by changing your existing booking? Comment below!


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