Airlines have many ways for a person to contact them these days. You can use their website, some have chat bots, there’s Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, online forms and the old school telephone. As a result, it amazes me when people say they couldn’t get through to their airline.

From the sounds of it, airlines often deliberately turn everything off and stop customer contact. Not only is that incorrect, it would be incredibly bad for business.

“Couldn’t Get Through”

Today I happened to be reading an online forum where someone was throwing shade at their airline due to a cancellation. While that is understandable, my hackles rose as soon as I saw the text, “Can’t get through to the Gold line”.

Never in my entire life have I not been able to get through to an airline. It’s not like there has ever been an engaged signal when making a call, so you might wonder what happened here.

A little further on into the post, this appeared – “Give up with Gold line”. Oh, right, so you couldn’t get through could you? It actually seems that you elected not to continue holding for an agent.

I get it, time is precious, but quite frankly if your need to speak to the airline is urgent, stay on hold. Whenever I am holding, I put my phone on speaker and go about my daily business. They always answer, then I can pick it up and get on with the call.

Overall Thoughts

There is no sympathy coming from me when people can’t be bothered to help themselves. Airline contact centres can get busy, especially during periods of disruption. If your flight was cancelled, you can bet others were too and therefore wait times on hold are going to be longer.

You’re doing yourself no favours by hanging up after waiting for a long period of time, as you could well be right at the front of the queue. That’s always what keeps me hanging on anyway! (Set me free, why don’t you babe?)

Have you had experiences where you actually couldn’t get through to an airline? (I have by the way, as some of them are not 24/7!) Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.
Call centre image by Arlington Research on Unsplash.