tommie Hollywood is a new hotel that opened in Los Angeles on 1 December 2021 and I visited in January 2022. This is probably the newest hotel I have ever had the pleasure of staying in, and it is part of the Hyatt chain.

My friend made the booking and we were good to go. An e-mail we received before we arrived said in part, “Join us for Sunset Hour on the rooftop Monday through Wednesday at 4:30pm to meet our executive team and enjoy a glass of beer/wine and light Mexican bites by Chef Wes Avila.” Looked like good times ahead!

Tommie Hollywood Location

Pleasingly, the hotel is walking distance to Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. It is situated at 6516 Selma Avenue, with nice buildings on the side of the street it is on. Across the road is some building work going on, which is fine.

More interesting is that a few steps down the street on both sides are quite a number of tents housing some of the homeless people of the city. Still, our room featured a view of the Hollywood sign, which is very nice for tourists indeed.

Check-In and Lobby

On arrival at the hotel, we entered the nicely appointed lobby and bar, helping ourselves to some water along the way. After waiting a few minutes for the gentleman at the desk to check someone in, it was our turn.

We received vouchers for two complimentary drinks for use in the hotel or at Bar Lis in the Thompson Hollywood on Wilcox around the corner. Next, to the elevator to our room on the fifth floor.

Yes, The Rooms Are Compact

What is a hotel room for? Sleeping! Therefore, why do you need oodles of space when you’ll likely be out and about? That seems to be the philosophy at tommie Hollywood and I am fine with that.

Naturally the beds are quite comfortable, there is a very large television on the wall, two bottles of water and lamps. Ice machines are available on each floor.

Bathrooms feature a spacious shower, toilet and a black sink. Products are from Imperial and included hand soap as well as all the usual shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Sunset Hour

Remember that e-mail touting sunset hour Monday to Wednesday, get a drink, some nibbles and meet the team? Well our check-in guy had never heard of it. When we mentioned it to other staff members, they also had no idea what we were on about.

We figured that the two drinks vouchers were in place of sunset hour, but who knows. A bit of a shame to mention something in the pre-arrival e-mail that no-one on site knows about. Either way, Bar Lis at the Thompson was lovely and had great cocktails!

Overall Thoughts

Two nights at the tommie Hollywood passed in a flash. We elected not to dine at the hotel, instead eating at Off Vine near the hotel for lunch and a German place called Wirsthaus for dinner. Both highly recommended!

We were lucky to score an introductory rate for the hotel, which meant it was very competitively priced at a little over $200 per night. That’s very inexpensive for the area. Since we basically used it as a crash pad, it did the job admirably, otherwise we were out and about all the time.

The beds are comfortable, the shower nice and we planned to swim in the pool but we didn’t have quite enough time. Happily the staff were friendly and everything is as nice as you’d expect from a brand new hotel. All very satisfactory, I thought.

Have you stayed at tommie Hollywood before? What do you think of the hotel? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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