Hotel Marceau Bastille is a boutique 4 star hotel in Paris located very close to Gare de Lyon which is a major train station. Le Bus Direct from Charles de Gaulle Airport has a stop at Gare de Lyon and from there it is around 5 minutes walk to the hotel.

When booking hotels, I check Kaligo and Rocketmiles as I like to earn a decent amount of frequent flyer miles on my booking. Hotel Marceau Bastille was priced at around €100 per night booking direct. It was a little more with Kaligo, but as I would earn over 10,000 Avios it was well worth booking.

Hotel Marceau Bastille

Upon arrival at the hotel I checked in very quickly and paid the nominal city tax which is not included in the booking price. Off to the right when you enter is the art gallery, honesty bar and seating. This is where breakfast is served each day.

Art is hung on the walls and as the hotel says they support local artists and more. All of it is for sale and some of it was quite interesting to see. On my visit, the work was by Cathie Berthon and David David.

I liked the concept as I believe supporting local artists is a good thing. Some of the sculptures were quite cool! Room Service is offered in the hotel however it is in partnership with a restaurant a short walk away, so it is not room service in the traditional sense.

Urban Room

The rooms come in Urban Style or Green Style and I rather preferred the urban decor so I e-mailed the hotel beforehand to confirm this. My booking had been in a green room and it was switched with no issues.

Purple, reds, whites and pinks made for a very chic looking room. Beside the bed are small alcoves on each side which is handy for your mobile phone or other needed items during the night. Sockets for charging are nearby which is very thoughtful.

Attached to the wall is a large flat screen television over a desk. There are a couple of chairs in the room as well with more art on the walls. Unexpectedly there is a balcony and opening the doors was very welcome as the room was quite warm.

Heating in the room is controlled by a thermostat beside the door however during winter it is set to heat only.

Swimming In The Tub

Artwork is also included in the bathroom, a bathroom with a lovely deep tub. I treated myself to one luxurious bath which I thoroughly enjoyed. Shampoo, conditioner and bath wash are included as are handy items like a comb, cotton swabs and other items you may need.

Cleanliness is important and the white finish and mirrors are all in tip top condition. I would have been hard pressed to find any traces of previous guests and that can make or break a hotel stay in my book.

Do You Like To Lounge?

Inside the wardrobes located to either side of the bed were snow white robes and slippers for your comfort. Quite luxurious really! There is also an ashtray for the smokers and tea and coffee making facilities.

Underneath the table in the room is a small fridge filled with a couple of beers, orange juice and some other items. A juice or water is priced at €4 which is very high. There is a supermarket literally around the corner where 1.5 litre bottles of water are 20c so it is worth a visit there.

Despite the hotel seeming to cater for smokers, there is no trace of any kind of smell in the room, corridors or anywhere else. On the contrary, they have a scent in the hotel. Arriving at Reception, the first thing that struck me as I checked in was how nice the place smelled. Smart!

Overall Thoughts

Paris is a lovely city and Hotel Marceau Bastille is a great hotel. The price point is very good for the quality of the hotel and little touches such as being able to borrow an umbrella from reception due to the incessant rain was appreciated. The art gallery is interesting and changes several times each year.

Staff were unobtrusive and friendly on both check-in, check-out and when requesting an umbrella. Maid service is also great as the room was returned to its pristine appearance while I was out for the day. I would happily stay here again as it is conveniently located to transport and quite an easy walk to many places.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image and first two images via Hotel Marceau Bastille.