I’ve been meaning to wrap up the series on my visit to Amsterdam, and I haven’t gotten around to it.  I decided that I’d do a photo-log of some of the highlights instead.  The first part consists of the countryside, which included a visit to see the windmills.  The second part focuses on the museum district.  If you are planning a visit to Amsterdam, this should give you some ideas on things to do.

Part I: Countryside

We took a private tour to the countryside to a village called Marken and started off with a visit to a shoe (clog) factory.  Clogs are traditionally used as protective footwear (agriculture).

a yellow shoe on a table outside a building

The Clog Factory

a green machine with orange handles

Well, a …clog making machinery.







Unpainted clogs left to dry

More clogs. Waiting to be dried?

a group of clogs on a shelf

Painted clogs everywhere…








Farm and Cheese Shop

A visit to the countryside also includes a visit to a farm and the Henri Willig cheese shop.

a cow in a pen

Aww. Days old calves at the farm.











The cheese shop is all about the cheese.  Somehow, I am reminded of the book/parable titled, “Who Moved My Cheese?

shelves with red and yellow cheeses

Land of the cheese.

shelves of food on a shelf

Cheese tasting.








Part II: Museum Quarter

In the Museum Quarter of Amsterdam, you can visit some very popular attractions, including the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.  There is plenty to do and see here.


a building with a sign on it

First stop. Visit to the Van Gogh Museum. Remember to reserve your tickets.








a large screen on a wall

Multiple levels of artwork to explore.

a sign with a painting on it

Display near gift shop.







a large brick building with towers and a fence

Rijksmuseum, which houses Rembrant’s famous work ‘Night Watch.’

a group of people in a park

Musuemplein in Amsterdam.








The Diamond Museum

Given that our I-amsterdam card includes free access to a few museums in the area, we made a quick stop to check out the Diamond Museum.

a tennis racket with a ball on it

An interesting piece.

a metal sign with text on it

The accompanying description.  Click to view full image.








Since I thought Starry Night was housed at the Van Gogh Museum (it isn’t), it was surprisingly nice to see this piece here:

a framed painting of a starry night









Banksy Exhibition at the Moco Musuem

At the time of my visit, the Moco Musuem was featuring the Banksy (unauthorized) exhibition, which had been extended until end of Sept of 2019.  We didn’t have time to stop by, but I caught wind of the girl with the red heart-shaped balloon (at the entrance).  I love how simple yet meaningful that piece of art is, dubbed “There is always hope.

a sign with a balloon and a girl












We took a couple of pictures here.  One of them is a little on the silly side:  I am pointing at the girl on one side, and my brother is gesturing to hold on the string of the red balloon heart on the other side.

And if you’re not sure what else to do in Amsterdam, go on a Canal Cruise tour. Everyone should try it at least once.


If you have other tips to share with fellow readers, please chime in below.