I’m done with probably the most enlightening, uplifting, informative, and worthwhile employer provided training I’ve had in years.  And with that, it’s time to fly home.  I’m enjoying some peace and quiet in the United Red Carpet Club in Denver while I wait for my flight.  Flying Frontier, but since I was at the airport early, I trekked over to the next concourse and took advantage of the Red Carpet, free wi-fi, and solitude.

Remind me to always use the Sky Bridge security checkpoint at Denver, no matter whom I’m flying.  So much more peaceful than the fishbowl looking mess that the main checkpoint always seems to be.  Based on my prior DEN experiences, I removed my insulin pump and placed it in the bin for TSA x-ray, thus avoiding unnecessary and wasteful full secondary screening of my person and my belongings.  The security officer working the front end of the x-ray seemed surprised and inquired if I was OK with that.  I told him it was fine.  I appreciated his concern.

Tomorrow, Mrs MJonTravel and I will spend the evening at the Westin Washington National Harbor to celebrate one of her 29th birthdays.  I’m looking forward to going home.  Two weeks seems long, but it was so worth it.  My review of the Red Lion Denver Southeast is in progress and should be posted by Monday.  In the meantime, thanks for your tolerance of my paltry posting while I was away.