Showering in an airline lounge? No matter what anyone says, that’s old news. The really unusual experience is having a bath in a lounge before, after or between flights.

There aren’t all that many opportunities to do this around the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is usually reserved for first class passengers or top level frequent flyers.

Having A Bath? Really? Where?!

Cathay Pacific have five Cabanas in their first class lounge The Wing in Hong Kong. These come with a day bed, work space and importantly a large bath and rain shower. That’s the one at the top of this article, by the way.

Sticking with oneworld alliance airlines, British Airways have “Infinity Baths” in their Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow, which are for first class passengers. You’ll need some time there though, as apparently they take a while to fill up.

Having a bath is also possible at Qatar Airways Al Safwa first class lounge in Doha, but it’ll cost you! Apparently to have a shower or jacuzzi, there was a charge of 200 QAR in 2017 (€50, US$55, A$75, £42) to do so.

Of course, that may have changed between then and now, but I find that an interesting quirk. Part of the whole first class vibe (hell, even the business class vibe!) is that you don’t pay extra for anything.

How About Two More?

Lufthansa passengers are also into bathing and they offer a shower suite with a bath in both Munich and Frankfurt. Lufthansa also give out rubber ducks to their passengers as keepsakes, even if you’re not using the bath.

Considering that the ducks are really popular, it’s amazing there aren’t more pictures online of the ducks with the baths, but here we are. Maybe one day if I manage to get inside one of their lounges I’ll take one.

Overall Thoughts

So there we have it, five lounges from four leading airlines where you might catch frequent flyers having a bath. All of them look quite nice, so it must be some experience… though you’d need plenty of time.

I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem though. If it were me, I’d be arriving at the airport early, booking a long connection or lingering on arrival to take full advantage of it.

Have you ever taken a bath in an airline lounge before? What was it like? Any other lounges you know of that have a bath? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Cathay Pacific.
British Airways Arrivals Lounge via The Ginger Travel Guru.
Qatar Airways Al Safwa via Points from the Pacific.
Cathay Pacific The Wing via The Filipino Traveler.
Lufthansa First Class Munich via One Mile At A Time.
Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt via Live and Lets Fly.