A great deal of people who experience bad service bring it upon themselves. It tends to be a certain type of person who happens to be the unlucky one (again!) who thinks they’re being treated indifferently and is affronted by it. These people should take a good look in the mirror to see what it is they are doing wrong before pointing the finger at hard working service personnel.

I always receive good service on board a flight. Sure, I have been more or less ignored on one or two flights and on others given the bare minimum of service (hi, American Airlines!) but I have never received overtly bad service. Here are some tips to help you receive great service on your flights.


Smiling is so simple and costs nothing… plus, just about everyone looks hotter when smiling! Cabin crew enjoy serving someone who is smiling at them rather than someone who has that serial killer grimace on their face.

Travel can be stressful but remember to smile – it not only inspires people to be friendlier to you but it also makes you feel happier by association. Who knows, you might also pick up a date!

Remember Your Manners, Please! Thank You!

Cabin Crew have commented more than once about how they find me to be very polite. My parents taught me always to say please and thank you and it is amazing how many people forget this.

Are you the kind of person who watches a movie during dinner on a long haul flight? You’re probably that person who has accepted their meal or drinks without acknowledging the crew. It is common courtesy to remove your headphones when the crew arrive to deliver your meal and to thank them for doing so with a smile. I have had two hour movies take three hours due to this but it’s worth it.

Sitting in the window seat and the crew has to deliver your tray over two other people? Reach out and take it from them. Cabin crew do enough bending and stretching and a little help is always appreciated.

While one of the aspects of their job is to ensure your safety serve your meals and so on, they are human beings as well, so treat them as such. Your crew always appreciate a little common courtesy.

Attitude Is Key To Great Service

Everything you do makes people form an impression of what kind of person you are. The way you dress, your attitude, the way you interact – people subconsciously tally this up and judge you. Are the crew making a small joke or wanting a little banter? Join in, laugh at the joke – at least smile appreciatively – it won’t kill you.

The aim is to make someone else’s day a bit lighter – and for a person who has to serve lots of people, anything to lighten the mood is welcome. A great attitude is infectious and your fellow passengers will appreciate this too. Everyone benefits when people are in a good mood, so be the one who helps cultivate this.

Overall Thoughts

You might be reading this and think, “I’m always nice on flights – that doesn’t get me anywhere!” – but are you really? Take a good long hard look at the way you act on board a flight – really analyse it. If you are someone who constantly receives bad service, it’s probably not the airline, it’s probably you.

Not only does great attitude, politeness and smiling result in good service, you sometimes might get goodies too! I have received gifts from the crew more than once so you never know what you might end up with at the end of a flight – all for doing things that cost you nothing.

How do you find things when you fly? Do you get great service or are you routinely treated like garbage? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image and Qatar Airways service via the oneworld Alliance.
Smiling and happy passengers via Aer Lingus.