I’m always envious of people who can take advantage of fantastic flight deals. There have been some in the past I was not eligible for, with rules such as two people must travel. After a year of few deals, things are getting back to normal.

I managed to pull the trigger on an airline ticket that was such good value I was almost gasping with excitement. Here’s the story and here’s how good a deal it is.

Getting Back To Normal

Friends have decided to do a double birthday celebration next year in Hawaii and I wanted to go. The hotel was booked, but the flights were another story. Dublin to Honolulu prices out at €1,144 in economy class, which is pretty much what you would expect.

I was trying to slice and dice it to try and fly at least a couple of sectors in business class. Even with that, the pricing was coming out extremely expensive.

A Stroke Of Good Fortune

For some reason, British Airways put flights on sale from Paris to Honolulu via London and another US city – in business class. For €1,131.57 (£971/US$1,376/A$1,778) all in for the return flights! That is Paris to London Heathrow, London Heathrow to Seattle, Seattle to Honolulu and back, six flights in total.

Lucky for me, the dates I wanted in April 2022 had availability, so I booked it. I could hardly sleep that night as I was so very pleased. It was exactly what I wanted and on the airlines I wanted – British Airways and Alaska Airlines. Superb!

How Much Of A Deal Is This?

The deal is gone, pulled pretty much just after I made my reservation. No doubt the work experience kid has been sacked. This morning, the exact same flights I’m on are pricing at €3,113 (£2,675/US$3,790/A$4,900) – so almost €2,000 more expensive.

For another comparison, I’m flying Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Honolulu and back. Booking that on its own would cost €1,099 in first class, which is €30 less than I paid for my entire trip from Europe. Crazy!

Overall Thoughts

It’s been a four years or so since I’ve got really lucky on a fare like this, so it was high time I lucked out once again. Considering I am paying the economy fare for a business class ticket… well! I’m still surprised! This deal is a sure sign of things getting back to normal in my book.

Of course, I’ll have to pay for flights to and from Paris, but that should only be another €120 or so, which is not going to dent the savings all that much. Regardless, I can’t wait to travel!

Have you managed to get any really steals on flights lately? When was your last one or your best one? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by British Airways.
Alaska Airlines image via Travel Codex.