I received an email from Citi the other day that offers a statement credit for linking a Citi credit card to my PayPal account. This intrigued me immediately, as it sounded like easy money, which turned out to be exactly the case.

Offer Details

Citi is offering the $25 statement credit for spending at least $75 in one or more purchases using your linked Citi card through PayPal. You must first link your card to PayPal through an (amazingly) seamless process through your Citi and then PayPal accounts. You must make the purchases between June 24 and August 23, 2019. The $25 statement credit will post within two billing cycles after making the eligible purchases.

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This offer does appear targeted and the email is clear that it is only for the email recipient. I’m curious to know how widely targeted this is. I’ve linked a good number of cards linked to my PayPal account, but none of them are Citi cards. I would venture to guess that Citi would not make the offer if your accounts are already linked.

There is no easy link to the promotion, as the email link takes you directly to a login page for Citi. Check your email to see if you happen to be targeted!


I may consider using my ThankYou Preferred card now and then for purchases. It’s been sock-drawered for a while, as earning only one ThankYou point per dollar is hardly ideal. But it would be nice to have some ThankYou points available. Citi does have a very different array of partners than Chase, and typically more transfer bonus opportunities

That said, it’ll almost certainly go by the wayside once I pick up a Business Blue Plus. Can’t justify any ThankYou points when you can be earning two American Express Membership Rewards points per dollar!