The George Boutique Hotel is located in the centre of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. It is less than ten minutes walk from both Limerick Colbert station and the bus terminal which is very handy.

When I arrived at hotel reception, I was informed that my room was not ready. The desk staff offer to store your luggage which is excellent and I went off to tour the city. When I returned my room was ready so I checked in and headed to level four.

George Hotel Rooms

What I find interesting about the rooms is the mix of old and new. The room cards have a chip inside them like a credit card which is quite modern. Also, the power points in the room have USB sockets so they are quite new. The room decor comes across as fairly dated by comparison.

My guess is that the hotel in the midst of a gradual changeover to being a modern boutique hotel. Perhaps it was previously another hotel? Who knows. Everything in the room seemed well used as both the round table and bed side tables had scuffs and scratches on the surface.

A light layer of dust was settled everywhere but this could be partly due to the fact I left the window open all the time. It is quite cool in Limerick so the hotel does not have air conditioning and leaving the window open keeps the room cool.

There is no safe in the room however there is wireless Internet which is quite speedy. The fact the round table in the room has no chairs is a little baffling. Clearly you can move the chair from the desk but what if there are two people in the room? Strange.

Bathroom Dreams

Further giving me the impression that the George is on a step by step change is the bathroom. It is quite nicely appointed and modern which is always a pleasure.

Water pressure in the shower is mighty which I always like. The only slight downside is the hotel products – combination shampoo and bath wash always seems cheap to me. Functional but cheap.

Da Vincenzo

There is a restaurant in the hotel called Da Vincenzo which does Italian food. The hotel is festooned with notices about the restaurant. I’m not joking – there are signs by the elevators, in two places in the room – everywhere you go there are reminders.

On Saturday night, the restaurant was fully booked so the owner (Vincenzo!) said I could order from the full menu for room service. They do a three courses for €25 deal so I went with that.

When my tray was delivered I noted they had forgot about my dessert so I called down for that once I finished the meal. Food quality is quite okay for the price being charged.

Being Italian food it is very heavy. The highlight of the meal is the dessert as I found the Tiramisu to be perfect in every way. Limerick has many good places to eat so I would also suggest eating elsewhere if you are visiting for more than one night.

Good Morning – Time For Breakfast

Breakfast in the George features everything you could possibly want. You can put together a full breakfast as there are hot buffet items such as sausages, tomatoes, eggs, and baked beans available. Also, there are meats and cheeses and pastries for a more continental style breakfast. Cereal, pancakes and toast are also available self service.

Serving staff offer you tea or coffee and the coffee is American style. I found the hot items to be only lukewarm which is a bit of a shame. Nothing wrong with the taste though! You can also order from the menu and on my first morning I had some porridge.

Apparently this has a shot of Bailey’s in it but I couldn’t taste it. There are also other items you can order from the menu but perhaps it is not available each day as on Sunday there were no menus to be found.

Overall Thoughts

The George is a central hotel in Limerick featuring pleasant staff, a busy and very visible restaurant and average rooms. It is called a boutique hotel but it seems to be in limbo somewhere in between a standard 3 star hotel and the boutique hotel it aspires to be.

There is no reason not to stay here but I would probably suggest considering all options before making a booking. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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