A friend of mine was recently scheduled to fly long-haul on Finnair in business class. Naturally I told him about the new seat and he hoped he would get it on his flight. I made him promise that if he did, to tell me all about it.

Flash forward to today and I got a series of messages and some pictures giving me his impressions. None of these were prompted by me, so here is the straight up dish!

My Friend Reacts!

My friend is originally from the UK and lives in Australia, so he’s done a bit of flying in his time. Nothing outrageous (he’s not crazy like me!) but he knows what’s comfortable and what’s not.

Anyway, instead of saying hello like a normal person, he opened with this:

“THE most comfortable seats on any plane I’ve ever been on. Seriously good. Cannot fault them.”

After sending a barrage of pictures, his next remark was as follows…

“Just the fact you can curl up, sit cross legged, basically any way you’d get comfy on a large sofa seat.”

On the Airbus A350 cabin itself, he loved the fact the oneworld alliance airline has gone for an airy feel.

“It’s huge!! No overhead bins down the centre makes the whole thing seem so much bigger and spacious.”

Finally my friend finished off with something all airlines are going to have to do to stay competitive.

“Oh and wireless charging at your seat. So fancy.”

Overall Thoughts

On this business class trip, my friend had flown with Qantas and also Finnair with the old seat, so he has direct comparisons to some popular current products. The fact he found this the standout says a lot. It is fantastic to see an airline truly having the balls to do something different in business class.

You can have all the sliding doors you want, but to be able to sit any way I like and not be restricted to “chair pose” is a bit of a game changer for long flights. I can’t wait to check it out!

Have you tried the new Finnair business class yet? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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