It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Friday Night Flights blog. There are a few reasons for that, but the primary one is that I seek not to fly on Friday night if at all possible. So…it wasn’t possible this week. Surprisingly, National Airport in DC is kind of quiet this Friday night. I’m sure Congress being in recess has a little something to do with that, so I digress.

It’s 5:43PM at the Sky Club, and it’s a bit quiet. That’s fine by me as I get to do a little work, and chill for a few minutes. Strangely high membership fees, or upcoming alternative access changes aside, I appreciate access to the Sky Club (or any airline lounge) at times like this. I need a quiet spot, a bit of wi-fi, and enough power outlets to charge my various electronics.

This week has been a challenging one for yours truly (in a good way). Lots and lots of day job work. Beats the alternative, and keeps me on the road, for sure. Does anyone else ever get to Friday on the road and just want to get home? I’m spent….but that won’t stop me from posting the conclusion of 30 Days of Boat Drinks tomorrow! πŸ™‚ Speaking of which, there are more boat drinks in my near future.

On the other hand, at least I’m #10 on the upgrade list as a Delta Platinum Medallion. πŸ™ Friday night flights.

-MJ, January 24, 2014