Free Comfort Plus?! DO tell!

Two days ago I posted that on the corner of seat selection it says “FREE” under Comfort Plus for my flight from Berlin to New York!

a screenshot of a computer screen

But, it was too good to be true as Delta’s Twitter team said it was an error.

It was funny that I couldn’t see upgrades to Comfort Plus on my New York to Los Angeles flight. I did take notice that 33 Comfort Plus seats were left on the seat map while the Main Cabin was full.

Fast forward to the day of my flight, I landed in New York from Berlin and checked my Delta App to check on my flight status.

SEAT CHANGE! From 27, to row 25.

I was quite excited for a second, because I knew I was originally only 2 rows behind Comfort Plus! But then I thought it could have been an equipment change. Turns out it wasn’t, and I was in Comfort Plus! Woooo!

a screenshot of a video game

Also, this came with Sky Priority Boarding. My boarding pass on my phone changed from “Zone 1” to “SKY”.

I really do wonder why I got moved to Comfort Plus. I checked the standby list and my original seats in row 27 were given to standbys. Maybe the gate agent thought to upgrade me instead of giving Comfort Plus to standbys? I do have MVP status, and it did allow me to choose Preferred Seating as I booked before the partnership between Delta and Alaska ended.

Any thoughts?


Happy travels!