Free Comfort Plus?! DO tell!

Two days ago I posted that on the corner of seat selection it says “FREE” under Comfort Plus for my flight from Berlin to New York!

But, it was too good to be true as Delta’s Twitter team said it was an error.

It was funny that I couldn’t see upgrades to Comfort Plus on my New York to Los Angeles flight. I did take notice that 33 Comfort Plus seats were left on the seat map while the Main Cabin was full.

Fast forward to the day of my flight, I landed in New York from Berlin and checked my Delta App to check on my flight status.

SEAT CHANGE! From 27, to row 25.

I was quite excited for a second, because I knew I was originally only 2 rows behind Comfort Plus! But then I thought it could have been an equipment change. Turns out it wasn’t, and I was in Comfort Plus! Woooo!

Also, this came with Sky Priority Boarding. My boarding pass on my phone changed from “Zone 1” to “SKY”.

I really do wonder why I got moved to Comfort Plus. I checked the standby list and my original seats in row 27 were given to standbys. Maybe the gate agent thought to upgrade me instead of giving Comfort Plus to standbys? I do have MVP status, and it did allow me to choose Preferred Seating as I booked before the partnership between Delta and Alaska ended.

Any thoughts?


Happy travels!