This completely not-scientific yet reasonably argued article in Men’s Health lists several key benefits of travelling with a significant other, or dating partner. The premise is that a test of partner compatability while travelling, will help gauge each person’s personalities and behaviors at a faster and more in-depth pace than simply dating. As the article says,

“Traveling with a significant other is the express lane to knowing whether or not you are truly compatible with another human being. “

Whether that is true or not is up to your experience in travelling with others. Do you build fond memories and suss out how people really are behind their façade and early-dating/relationship period best behavior? Or do you find them weird or not a good fit and thus break it off? Either way, travelling together is an excellent way to gather intelligence on what a person is like.

There are four main points that Men’s Health makes when travelling with a significant other.


Significant Other Travelling Points

Bond Building

You will build a bond with your partner, whether it be enjoying a beach, exploring new cities and locales, or enjoying the tranquility of nature. Of course, this will be just an escape before you go home and return to reality, but that connection may bring you closer together.

Stress Test



In any situation, something can go wrong, perhaps no more true than while travelling. Missed flight or connection? Lost luggage? You can learn more about your partner by seeing how their patience is tested or how they react during stressful situations. I myself have been in difficult times, but I reassure myself that I have the support and encouragement of my partner. This helps make seemingly insurmountable problems much more manageable.

The Help

This is simply, how do you or your partner treat people in the service industry? Granted, this could be seen in your home city or area at restaurants, but treatment of those in the hospitality at hotels or airlines is different. They also bring up an excellent point, related to the previous Stress Test – how do you or your partner react to unexpected situations? Lost dinner reservation, delayed room, etc.?

How does your partner treat those in the service industry?

How does your partner treat those in the service industry?


The Morning After

When travelling, you might be spending a sustained amount of time together. This is similar to the “airline test” of management consulting companies. Would you want to be stuck in an airport or someplace confined with your partner for extended periods of time? Travelling together will allow you to quickly figure that out.


Will you and your partner end up taking long walks?

Will you and your significant other end up taking long walks?


Either way, travelling together will allow you to determine if your partner is right or not for you. This saves you further “maybe” time that could be better spent finding a new partner. Or, it reassures you that you have made a great decision and have a good catch. What do you think? Should you travel with your significant other, or someone you’re dating?

*Also, maybe you find out that your partner is not what you expected and you want to end things mid-trip? Don’t forget you can usually change your seat when you check-in to your returning flight!


Featured Image of check in from Pixabay. Article is here


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