Despite having experienced the world’s worst Burrito and vowing never to eat on Ryanair again, I was curious about the food quality now that over a year had passed.

In the interim, the menu has been changed and there isn’t a Burrito in sight. Various inoffensive pasta dishes and a curry make up the hot options these days.

Even though my flight was going to land at 18:10 and I was heading out to dinner, I decided it would be worth checking out some of the new food.

FR3104 – Dublin to Amsterdam (DUB-AMS)
11 April 2019
Boeing 737-800 – EI-EBF
Seat: Economy Class 27A
Departure: 15:30 Arrival: 18:10

Standard boarding on Ryanair took place about half an hour before departure time. Everyone is well versed in this process, where you board at least part way into the gate even if there is no aircraft present.

Today’s aircraft was one of the older Ryanair Boeing 737s, where the luggage bins still have the surround for the ads that used to feature inside the cabin. Soon enough we had the safety demonstration and headed out for a quick take-off into the Dublin afternoon.

Is This Food Quality? Or Not?

Meal Deals with hot food are €10 and comprise of the hot main, a drink and a snack. Even though I wanted the hot meal and drink, that would have come to €9. For one Euro more I could get a snack, so really, why not! It’s also handier for the crew when it comes to giving change.

Cabin Crew come down taking hot food orders only, and I ordered a Vegan Lasagne. I was told it would be about 15 minutes as they needed to heat it up, which is totally fine. Later, the drinks trolley comes by and I received my water and snack and paid.

My Vegan Lasagne arrived, complete with baby plastic knife and fork, plus a tiny napkin for my lap. The size of the thing meant I had a space issue on my tray, so I had to be very careful not to drop any on myself.

How did it taste? As good as any average priced store bought pre-prepared lasagne, so I was quite pleased all round. The time it takes to cook meant I had to eat it relatively quickly before descent began, but that’s usual when it’s heated to order.

Once done, the rubbish was collected by the crew and we landed in Amsterdam early. No trumpet fanfare announcing the fact though, which was actually mildly disappointing as it amuses me.

Overall Thoughts

Pleasingly, the food quality was pretty decent. When spending your hard earned cash, you should get something tasty on board a flight.

The cabin crew were extremely variable, with one really nice lady serving and a bunch of people who didn’t bother to crack a smile, even if you were smiling and thanking them. That attitude really annoys me.

Considering my flight cost me about €42 including Priority Boarding and seat selection, I have no complaints. The savings I made can be put towards an upgrade to Club Europe on my next British Airways flight!

What do you think of the food offering on Ryanair? Have you flown them before and if so what was your experience like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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