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Ethiopian Airlines Business Class 777


After a layover in Addis Ababa my next flight was on the Ethiopian Airlines Business Class Boeing 777.   Transitioning from an Airbus A350 to an older Boeing 777 really highlights the stark differences between the two aircraft.  The A350 is modern, quiet, and well designed while the Boeing 777 was aged, noisy, and a bit cramped in comparison.  Nevertheless, business class sure beats economy seats and the points redemption rates between Africa and Europe is a great deal.

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Ethiopian Airlines Business Class 2-3-2 Configuration


Ethiopian Airways is a Star Alliance member, which means you can book flights using points from other star alliance member reward programs.  For this flight I used 45,000 Singapore Airlines miles to book my flight itinerary between Zanzibar to Frankfurt, a great value for over 14 hours of flying.


Ethiopian Airlines 706
Addis Ababa(ADD) to Frankfurt (FRA)
Cabin: Business
Seat: 2F and 2H
Aircraft: Boeing 777
Flight Time: 7 Hours

Plane Atmosphere (4/5)

The plane atmosphere was certainly a step down from the A350, which had modern improvements to cabin pressure, humidity, and engine noise.  Additionally, the business class cabin on the 777 was a 2-3-2 configuration which made things a bit cramped.  On the plus side, the space between the seats in front of passengers is quite cavernous with plenty of leg room.

a seat in an airplane

Ethiopian Airlines Business Class 777

a seat with two monitors on the side

Plenty of leg room and wide foot rests

Seat Comfort (4/5)

The seats were a bit narrow and passengers are right next to you with only a small wall that raises up about one foot to provide privacy.  With a 2-3-2 configuration, there is absolutely no privacy and I would hate to pay for a business class seat and be put in a middle seat between two strangers.

The one thing that is better than the A350 configuration is the wide foot rests on the 777.  Most modern business class seat have that small alcove foot rest that forces you to keep your feet on top of each other.   Another highlight was that the lie flat bed was the longest I have ever experienced on a business class flight.

Its likely I would have slept the entire flight if it were not for the child screaming like a rabid hyena for hours on end.

a green blanket on a bed

Long Lie flat seat on Ethiopian Airlines Business Class 777

a close up of a device

Seat Controls

a close up of a device

Remote Control

Food (4/5)

Food was pretty average but hearty enough to keep you from getting hungry on the long flight.  The coffee was very good and the breakfast spread had an ample variety.

a plate of food on a white surface

Chicken and potatoes

a plate of food on a table


a plate of food and a glass of juice



The service was friendly, prompt, and attentive throughout the flight.  Food was served efficiently and plates were removed soon after the meal was complete.

a red lunch bag on a table

Business Class Amenity Kit


In conclusion, the business class seats aboard the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 are a bit cramped in the 2-3-2 configuration.  However, as part of the star alliance, there are several great award redemption at low rates that make great use of award points.  For flights longer than six hours, booking a business class award redemption is a no-brainer.

a person's feet in a chair with a monitor on the wall

Wide foot rests


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