While I wouldn’t want to imply that Port Canaveral is an easy drive from Atlanta, at 7 hours and change, it is doable. Being safe in that knowledge, it’s afforded me some flexibility in picking and choosing cruise itineraries. Within some limits, I can manage to squeeze in a few days off on relatively short notice as long as I can manage my projects accordingly. As you might remember, I’ve been stalking a particular cruise itinerary for a short summer getaway. It’s been pricing at various rates, all above $300 per person. That’s not a bad price, it’s just that I know it can go lower, I have that flexibility I mentioned, and…well….. if I take that quick getaway next week or in 3 weeks……that’s really indifferent to me at this point.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 12.13.22 PM

That $109 number is, of course, short of taxes and port charges, and is based on double occupancy. It’s also a Georgia state resident rate. But the all-in price works out to roughly $100 per night for two people. Granted, the bar bill is extra, but I think you see where I’m headed. If you’re just a bit flexible, you can really take advantage of some remarkable cruise prices. (Note: This is the 8/18 sailing of Enchantment of the Seas if anyone’s interested.)

-MJ, August 11, 2014