Winter is a four-letter word. C-O-L-D.  It’s January, and, baby, it’s cold outside!

While hundreds of thousands of travelers are basking in the sun this month, heartier travelers are heading north to the frozen tundra. Whether it’s a ski holiday, adventure vacation or business trip, how can you best brave the cold and stay warm and comfy, cozy In bone-chilling temperatures?

Survival Tips

Here are five tips to survive the cold, snow and ice. 

Tip #1

It’s about the layers! Seven years of living in Minnesota and winter walks with the Hardy Hikers taught me that. Start with a good base layer. Thermal leggings and tops are a good start. My friend Alyson swears by Japanese silk thermal underwear and Bridget Jones “granny panty” style long johns — silk, of course. 

Sami men wear fur hats to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures in Norway.

Tip #2

Keep your core warm.  Lush cashmere sweaters, down vests and jackets are essential on those super cold days. And don’t forget to accessorise, says winter traveler Helen.

Tip #3

Stay vertical. Icy patches on the sidewalks and pavement can quickly make you “go horizontal,” or “go boom,” as my cousin used to say. Ice grips with small spikes help keep you from those embarrassing and painful falls. Safety first!

Tip #4

Toasty toes and fingers will make you a happy camper. Merino or “Smart Wool” are my choice for socks. And choose mittens rather than gloves to capture and keep body heat. 

Tip #5

Have you tried sheepskin shoe or boot liners? It’s like walking on clouds. Your feet will thank you. There are so many quality winter boots out there, but my favorite boots are Bogs. Your feet will be warm even when it is 20 below zero.

So, now you are ready for those Arctic winds and cold. Bundle up, stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.