Premise for Roadside Assistance

One day, after a long and bitterly cold winter break, I was driving to pick up my lady from work. I parked the car in a visitor lot and waited several minutes for her to arrive. Everything seemed normal.

However, once she entered, I was unable to start the car, with a sad sounding engine sputtering when I attempted to turn it on. No warning lights or check engine lights turned on or were on, so it was most likely the battery. I was concerned – as we had places to be, and unsure of what to do.


It may as well be a dead and foreign language to me.

It may as well be a dead and foreign language to me.


Remembering that my Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefits included some sort of Roadside Assistance, I quickly googled the number and came across the Sapphire Reserve Roadside Assistance page. However, I did not notice that it was for the Reserve rather than my Preferred (curse you 5/24!) and called the number listed anyway. Very quickly, an associate inquired to my safety and location, and dispatched a local service provider to my location. He was about 75-90 minutes away, to jump-start my battery.

The Chase agent was very professional and efficient, with a reasonable service ETA for a weekday evening. She checked for my safety and despite me not having a Reserve (see below: Benefit Comparison) she told me that I was covered up to $50. If we needed a tow, that would be covered up to $50 as well.

Thankfully, I checked with the security desk in the visitor lot, who instructed us to pop our car hood and wait. The lady’s company is the best, having on-site security with a large battery jumper and cables to help out stranded employees! Upon this jump, I called Chase back quickly to have them cancel the service request. I have no doubt that they would have performed a fine job, and it feels good to have this security and comfort in a credit card.


I assume my helpful agent looked something like this, happy and eager to assist!

I assume my helpful agent looked something like this, happy and eager to assist!

Benefit Comparison

Chase Sapphire Preferred Roadside Dispatch

I wanted to get a better sense of what should have been included with my CSP. According to their Guide to Benefits, Roadside Dispatch is a pay-per-use program.

For $59.95 per service call, the program provides:

• Towing – Up to 5 miles included

• Tire Changing – must have good, inflated spare

• Jump Starting – battery boost

• Lockout Service (no key replacement)

• Fuel Delivery – up to 5 gallons (cost of fuel not included)

• Winching (within 100 feet of paved or county maintained road only)

This is compared to Chase Sapphire Reserve Roadside Assistance,

Who’s Covered

  • Cardholder driving your owned or leased vehicle or a vehicle furnished by the owner

What’s Covered

  • Provides coverage for on the road breakdowns such as battery boost, flat tire service, fuel delivery, towing, and lockout assistance

Coverage Amount

  • Up to $50 per service event, maximum four service events per year

As you can see, the Reserve is far superior with free service up to $50 four times, rather than $60 each and every time. Standard exclusions apply to both, no large or abnormal vehicles. It was interesting, and I was happy to be afforded Reserve benefits (free service) even though I only had a Chase Preferred Card. Not sure if this is a one-time thing, or ongoing, but if you’re in trouble try calling the Reserve phone line at 1-866-860-7978.

Of course, anything over the limits (in this case $50) is charged to your credit card. So confirm with the agent or service provider beforehand, if you are concerned.



I appreciated the efficiency and helpfulness of Chase Roadside Assistance – but I hope that I will not have these issues again! If I do, I will try the Reserve line again – to see if I can get those free benefits rather than paying for Preferred service. We also could have used our car insurance – so try that as your first line of defense, as some car insurance policies include roadside assistance as a benefit.


Featured image from Pixabay of what I presume a service truck would look like when it comes to help us.


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