Chicago Tribune article caught my eye last week. The topic was a move by United to install tablet holders in first class seats. The article cites a report stating,

United Airlines is redesigning its airplane seats with a holder for passengers’ tablet computers to be used as a seatback screen for video entertainment, but an airline spokeswoman told the Tribune that the report overstates a plan that is preliminary and that the airline would add tablet holders only to its next-generation of first-class seats on domestic flights.

Whether its overstating things or not, this is an idea that I’ve personally wondered about. Many customers bring their own tablets onboard and forgo the built in systems anyway. Personally, I use the airline provided IFE for the moving map display, and that’s just about it. A friend who knows my preference for premium cabin accommodations forwarded the article to me with a joke about the “poor babies not being able to hold their tablets.” I laughed, but countered that I thought this was a great idea. The potential weight savings is significant, not to mention the potential for revenue from renting tablets to coach customers. Just a thought.

What do you think about the idea of a built-in tablet holder for your first class seat?

-MJ, November 3, 2014

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