Since the pandemic began, airline refund vouchers have become a thing. Instead of giving you your cash back, you receive a voucher from the airline which can then be applied to future travel.

As the year lurched from crisis to crisis on what felt like a rolling basis, I was lucky enough to always get my cash returned to me. Big thanks to the good people at Finnair, British Airways, Aer Lingus and Swiss.

Why A Voucher and Not Cash?

After a bunch of flight changes due to Adelaide closing to international arrivals, the inevitable happened. My new flights came out cheaper than the ones before, and as such I was told I would be getting a voucher. No choice was offered.

Since it was with British Airways, an airline that has earned thousands of Euros from me over the years, I was quite pleased. The voucher is something I will be able to easily use.

My Airline Refund Voucher

BA call it an eVoucher, as though people are still going to be getting hand written ones here and there. Regardless, it is a simple e-mail with your refund code contained within.

Look at the steps on how to redeem it. It seems unbelievably simple and completely foolproof, as things should be when it comes to technology in 2020. I’m impressed!

Overall Thoughts

I am hopeful this will be the first and last airline refund voucher I receive. Part of that reason is because I have no more flights booked after January and will be refraining from future bookings for a while as well.

At long last I’m tired of the endless merry-go-round of “book flights, airline cancels flights, get refund”. It’s immensely boring and does not make for a fun experience.

What do you think of the British Airways eVoucher? Have you used one successfully and is it as easy as it says? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Chris Lofting on via Wikimedia Commons.