Oh Finnair, what have you done? You’ve introduced a truly unique airline seat and it is interesting to say the least. I specifically went on this trip to finally get a flight in the AirLounge, after a friend of mine remarked they are, “THE most comfortable seats on any plane I’ve ever been on. Seriously good. Cannot fault them.”

After a previous trip where I got the old seats on the Finnair Airbus A350, I was really hoping to land them this time around. On my outbound flight, the aircraft was swapped to an unexciting Airbus A321, but on the return I finally got to try this new seat.

The Platinum Wing and Boarding

As I still have oneworld Emerald status, I was able to use The Platinum Wing before flight. Once again, the sauna and the reindeer burger did not disappoint. It is a great lounge to hang out in, that’s for sure.

Boarding was uneventful, until I reached the end of the aerobridge and set my eyes on the welcoming interior design. Not only is the space at the doors attractive, it immediately gives a high quality impression of the cabin. Which, when you enter it, looks gorgeous!

AY1337 – Helsinki to London Heathrow (HEL-LHR)
21 April 2024
Airbus A350-900 – OH-LWF
Seat: Business Class 03A
Departure: 16:00 Arrival: 17:05

There are no overhead bins in the centre of the cabin, but due to the seats being so large, there are just four seats across the cabin, which you can see on the seat map here. Due to this, there was plenty of overhead space for all.

An AirLounge Tour

For me, the main event was the seat and I was not disappointed. It is very spacious, looks wonderfully sleek, and has some really tactile finishes that make it just such a fun place to be.

While the seat does not have a door, the design is such that you can’t see the people next to you. It feels very private, actually moreso than the Qatar Airways A380 first class I had tried a couple of months previously.

Cameras and Lounging

The Airbus A350 has both a bottom camera and a tail camera, which are great for unusual views when flying. For me though, it was all about the seat, and I tried various positions to sit and lay down and found it easy to get comfortable. The two pillows provided are handy – and I quite naturally and without thought had them under my arms as arm rests at one point.

Comfortable? Yes. Easy to get settled in a position you like? Hell yes! This seat is far more comfortable than most of the reverse herringbone seats, where you do feel hemmed in by the way the seat is laid out. It is amazing to be able to cross your legs in the seat with space to spare, or position yourself any way you want. The freedom this gives you to get comfortable cannot be overstated!

Onboard Service

Finnair could have ladled out a dipper of gruel from a dirty tureen into a rough pewter bowl and I wouldn’t have cared. However, it is 2024 and I received the standard European business class meal and drinks, which on Finnair are always satisfying.

The meal comprised of a salmon starter, chicken and gnocchi with vegetables and a chocolate for dessert. There are no choices available, which is to reduce food waste (read: and probably reduce costs!) but I don’t mind that one iota.

Overall Thoughts

Wow! Just wow! I found Finnair’s AirLounge to be seriously impressive. In actual fact, I think I like it more than the Qatar Airways Qsuite business class. It’s far more spacious, and on long flights there is something to be said to not be hemmed into a seated position. It turns out that my friend was right, it probably is the best seat in the sky today.

Coupled with the cheerful and friendly Finnair service, good meals and a generally pleasant vibe, I can’t fault anything about it. Do yourself a favour and fly Finnair to try this seat. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you flown in Finnair’s AirLounge? What do you think of it? Even if you haven’t flown in it, what are your impressions? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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