Pilot says Delta stole his billion-dollar app; now he’s suing – C Boarding Group

The crazy part to me is the fact that it’s even in question that work done on his off time could potentially be the intellectual property of Delta. If there is truth to the pilot’s claim, I hope he wins.

15 Dangerous Giant Snails From Africa Seized At Houston Airport – Michael W Travels

Just what we need. Snails capable of causing a “rare form of meningitis” in humans. Let’s keep 2021 more tame than 2020, please.

Delta Adds Lifetime Diamond Medallion Status – One Mile at a Time

While it’s cool that Delta is offering lifetime Diamond status, you need to fly a ridiculous amount with them. I’d say while accruing Delta MQMs for lifetime status is much easier (since pretty much everything counts towards this total), United has the far better program.

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