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I Fear I Am Addicted To Travel & That Isn’t A Good Thing – Miles to Memories

Many of Mark’s thoughts resonate with me. The working while traveling is the latest issue for me. I like it to be one or other other, unless it’s during my transit times when I’m at airports. More and more I want to get out, enjoy a place, and decompress. The dark side of this hobby is the thrill of the redemption, especially when you’re adept at finding excellent deals.

Virgin Atlantic Reveals MASSIVE Growth Aspirations – One Mile at a Time

Virgin’s desire to add up to 84 new routes dwarfs the monumental Heathrow airport expansion that would fuel said increase in service. Either they are crazy, or this is a marketing ploy (with at least some element of truth behind it).


I understand Matthew’s irrationality reaction to a missed opportunity. You don’t get a chance to fly an 18-minute flight very often (well, the hop from Santa Rosa to SFO is comparable). But 90 minutes in traffic to get back to where you started sounds terrible.

Once again, kids fly free from the US to Europe – Points with a Crew

This is an excellent promotion that seems to come around once a year. If you have several kids under the age of 12 and live near a city served by SAS, it is a potentially excellent deal. Dan’s math shows tickets for as low as ~$125 per person round-trip (assuming you have eight kids, even more than he does).

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