Pandemic refund blues: Travelers submit record number of complaints against airlines, travel agencies in 2020 – USA Today

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Airlines were between a rock and a hard place with DOT regulations and customer expectations on one side, and their financial solvency on the other.

New Court Ruling About Credit Card Rewards & Taxable Income: Analysis & What It Means – Miles to Memories

This is an interesting case and good analysis. The differentiation of the IRS being able to tax the financial gain of liquidating gift cards into money orders (or other method) as distinct from the rewards dollars/points/miles received is key.

Is Lifetime Elite Status With Hotel Programs Worth Aiming For? – Traveling for Miles

I’m close to Lifetime Silver with Marriott which provides basically nothing. Lifetime elite status with any hotel sounds nice, but it ultimately doesn’t seem worth it to me. Hyatt and Hilton can be “hacked”, and Marriott is a ton of effort, unless you have work travel helping you out.

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