Alaska No Longer Requires a Negative COVID-19 Test for Entry – Travel and Leisure

I’m not surprised on the decision to not renew this requirement, especially on the heels of the Canadian decision to ban cruises that will negatively impact Alaskan cruising. Alaska might be an excellent choice for a summer trip.

A First-Hand Look Inside Canada’s Travel Quarantine Hotels Paints A Dismal Picture РPizza in Motion

The conditions of supervised transportation and quarantine requirements are not something I would ever want to experience.

2020 Airline Traffic Drops To 1984 Levels – Forbes

Saying goodbye to 60% of airline traffic dropped 2020 back to air travel levels of the 80s. I’m anticipating that 2021 will come roaring back with border restrictions easing and pent up demand for travel. I doubt we’ll hit even 80% of 2019 travel, though.

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