Greece Will Not Require COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate for Visitors – Running with Miles

I hope many other tourism-dependent economies wise up to this and make a similar decision. The vaccine is not a silver bullet, and we don’t need yet another hurdle placed on global travel returning.

Norweigan Air Shuttle abandons long haul operations – Economy Class & Beyond

The writing has been on the wall for Norwegian. I’m honestly surprised this didn’t happen sooner. The pandemic has caused long-haul travel to slow way down, and Norwegian has not run any long-haul flights since March 2020. Their 787s will no not be taking to the skies again.

Flying to the United States? You’ll Need Proof of a COVID Test (Starting January 26) – Travel with Grant

This is gonna be a crap show. With airlines being required to verify the documents (how can they, really?) and the lack of allowance for flight delays (i.e. if your flight delays your test results outside the window, you need to get re-tested), it also makes me mad. This is going to have a negative impact on travel into the U.S. and also on U.S. travelers looking to travel internationally.

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