I Paid $3,820 in Credit Card Annual Fees in 2020 – Was it Worth it? – Travel with Grant

Almost $4,000 in annual fees?!? It’s a no from me, Grant. Kudos for being so organized about tracking value. I definitely don’t do that. The “keeper” cards that will remain in my wallet year after year have fees that total less than $1,000 and provide benefits that are entirely worth the cost, including 7 free hotel nights.

Elite Status – The Travel Industry’s Brilliant Deception – Miles to Memories

Benjy provides a counter-take on the value of elite status. I generally agree that elite status is not worth pursuing for most people. However, there are plenty of shortcuts and “hacks” that can get you valuable airline status at times, and I will continue to value my Hyatt Globalist status and entirely worth the trouble of attaining.

Aeroplan adding Virgin Australia partnership – Frequent Miler

While Aeroplan’s pricing has changed, somewhat for the worse, they continue to be a strong program for more than a few reasons. With a set of unique partners, including Etihad and domestic Canadian carriers, Aeroplan can get you nearly anywhere. This partnership with Virgin Australia just adds to the value and goes live on January 19th.

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