Covid Trapped: How I Made A Life While Marooned in Paradise – Miles to Memories

It’s been fun following Zoe’s experience being stranded in Tonga during the pandemic. As a country that succeeded in locking down before they experienced any infections, there has been no push to reopen. And she hasn’t been able to leave. So she’s made a new life the past six months.


It’s so hard to get to the bottom of these incidents. The fact that other passengers stood up for the family that was removed lends some support to their story, in my mind, though. It could be that the flight attendants escalated and overreacted to the situation. At the same time, the continued non-compliance is what seems to have made authorities insist they deplane.

United announces new long-haul routes for 2021 – Paxex.Aero / Wandering Aramean

Some of this is just plain crazy. It could be that United is trying to fill in some holes left by South African Airways, but San Francisco to Bangalore? It’s like United is just throwing darts at a map.

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