This is both rather cool and rather remarkable. For starters, Thai Airways entered bankruptcy protections, so expanding with a new restaurant idea isn’t likely to help them. Not to mention Thailand is closed to international tourism. When the country opens, this would make for a cool visit.

TSA Tests “Self-Service” Checkpoint Technology at DCA – Miles to Memories

This is an interesting development. And one that could potentially be exploited. I wonder what will happen if it fails? Does a TSA officer get alerted?

And I’m not buying that “photographs of travelers taken as part of the program are not saved.”

Read the Disgusting Note This Mask Avoiding Passenger Wrote to a Flight Attendant – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

This is awful. I’ll freely admit that there are times aircraft crew can be frustrating, rude, or abusing their power. But take it up through customer service. This is despicable behavior. Original tweet.

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