Recently, I wrote about the 5 U.S. cities that top my list of favorites. I thought about doing a follow up on U.S. cities, but since I couldn’t pick more than about three, maybe four, that were solid contenders, I figured I better expand the list a bit to include a couple other places further afield.

Most places in the world have at least some draw to me. I’m not saying that I’m dying to plan a trip to each and every one, but I’d least think, that’d be cool to visit. These five? not so much. Here they are:

a building with a flag on top

North Korea

I mean, I get why people are fascinated by a place that has closed itself off from the world. There is a sense of mystery visiting somewhere that so few are able to see, and many are downright afraid of.

I don’t share the same desire. It’s not that I am afraid of what might happen if I visited North Korea and respected their rules and laws. Many travelers have visited and returned just fine, even with the DPRK’s tight control of tourism. But I don’t have any desire to see the Hermit Kingdom for myself. Pictures will do (which isn’t true of most places for me).

Las Vegas

While other cities in the U.S. west top my list of 5 favorites, Las Vegas is pretty much dead last. There is nothing that the city offers that really appeals to me. My favorite part of Las Vegas last time I visited was leaving and hiking in Red Rocks National Conservation Area. From there you can see Las Vegas, far across the valley. That’s close enough for me.

So technically I have visited Las Vegas. Three times. But once would have been enough. We don’t need to do this again (but I undoubtedly will end up there again, I just know it).

Saudi Arabia

There are a bunch of places in the Middle East that I would love to see: Jordan, Oman, Israel. Seeing the pyramids in Egypt would also be amazing. But Saudi Arabia does not make that list. There isn’t much that interests me that would really make the visa rigmarole worth it.

There are the known human rights violations to consider as well. The same could be said of other countries, but the iron monarchial fist of the Saudi rulers makes it a pass for me.

a castle with blue and white towers and a lake


All you Disney-philes will scream, “WHAT!?!?!?” I know. Orlando is like the most popular family travel destination ever. But I would rather stay far, far away, preferably another galaxy away. I wrote a piece for Shawn Coomer’s Disney Hacks site, just to give a different perspective. Theme parks galore, tons of lines, expensive food and hotels, and the utter flat of Florida. What’s not to love? Well, everything.

Orlando has basically nothing that draws me. Don’t get me wrong, my kids loved Disneyland when we visited, and I’m sure we’ll end up at Disney World someday. But if I had to make the choice without considering them? Easy pass.


Most U.S. states still have a draw for me. In order to hit all fifty, I still need to visit North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska, among others. I need to plan them in eventually. Others I know I will enjoy, and know exactly where I hope to visit (e.g. Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee).

But Kansas? After visiting a tiny corner on a road trip when I was a teen, I can’t find a reason to go back. Even Kansas City decided to locate itself in Missouri.


So there you have it. You won’t likely catch me visiting any of the above. Unless it’s Las Vegas, as work seems to somehow manage to still send me there once per year.

What are some destinations you have no desire to visit?