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Like a thief in the night: watch out for Marriott’s latest naughtiness – Frequent Miler

This is nuts. I cannot believe a hotel program would pull this sort of thing, but Marriott continues to amaze (in the worst ways). Don’t get caught giving them extra points!

New Boeing CEO’s Controversial Bonus Structure – One Mile at a Time

This is outrageous, given the conflict of interest, and it was my first thought when I read about it. There should be no bonus for bringing the 737MAX back. There should maybe be a bonus for addressing fully and candidly every safety issue of this aircraft.

World’s Greatest Skyline: The Best Views of Shanghai – The Points of Life

I can’t wait to visit Shanghai, one of the trips I look forward to most this year. I’ll make it there for a couple days this fall. Hopefully the views will be as excellent as some of the shots here! Choosing a hotel will be hard, although the Hyatt on the Bund is in the running with a view across the river.


Changes to multiple routes means far fewer first class seats flying between the U.S. and Hong Kong. What’s crazy are the changes to the New York market. Cathay is going from 25x weekly flights to just 18x, over 25% reduction. At least they still have some first class seats. Chicago no longer will.

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