Here are several other articles from around the travel web that I think you may find interesting:

This Flight Attendant’s Defense Of Bad Service Explains Everything – One Mile at a Time

Give this a read. It’s no secret American Airlines’ service has been lacking, but this just cements how bad the service culture is. It doesn’t exist with American.

79-year-old flight attendant claims Delta fired her because of her age – Secret Flying

Another flight attendant story. It’s insane that she was making $250,000 after 57 years with the airline. There has to be more to the story than what is portrayed. It’s hard to see the airline letting her go simply (and only purportedly) taking a carton of milk.

Bypass 5/24 With Targeted Offer In United App  – Frequent Miler

We’ve seen a few different instances where folks are getting approved for cards while over 5/24. This comes on the heels of offers for business cards, which I was able to take advantage of.

What Does Elite Status Actually Cost Hotels Anyway? Not Much In My Opinion! – Miles to Memories

Mark takes a look at what loyalty costs hotels in the wake of yet another negative change from Marriott. Keeping customers happy should be their priority, not taking away routes that provide them incremental revenue while helping guests remain loyal.

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